[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Dream Scenario (Re: Maemo roadmap, SDK improvements...)

From: Jorge Salamero Sanz bencer at cauterized.net
Date: Wed Feb 7 12:39:42 EET 2007
On Wednesday 07 February 2007 10:42, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Not quite: you can run Ubuntu without any non-free components, but you
> can't exactly boot the N800 without a bootloader.  For Maemo as a
> platform, generally the split is similar to Ubuntu (i.e. non-free stuff
> makes use of free stuff, and not in the other direction), but as you hit
> the lower levels of the stack, it's not so clear-cut.

so why nokia is claiming they have an oss product if they are not making any 
effort to open it ?

we are not asking for opera, flash neither realplayer source code. just the 
minimal stuff to build community releases. if old devices like n770 get not 
supported anymore these requests needs to be satisfied.

if nokia can't release the source code in any way, binary blobs should be 

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