[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: MMH project started

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Thu Feb 8 17:32:34 EET 2007
> I have started a new project on the garage.maemo.org

It looks like sound idea. A little bit closer to big box feeling. Just
would like to suggest "getmail" as mail fetcher, since it doesn't wait
for something on port 25. Connects to ports 110 and 995 on remote ser-
ver and puts the content right to mbox or maildir, whereever you want.
No need to do anything, hence it is python. My favorite "mutt" is now in
colection. "Procmail" could filter to different directories as you
expect, if really necessary. Little mail sender could be added. I liked
"ssmtp", but "esmtp" is fine also. "Mutt" could be configured to pipe
outgoing mail to "ssmtp" to reach remote smtp server. No big deal, as I
see it. I have getmail and mutt working on 770, just ssmtp has to be
compiled. I remember cacher for mutt, if you want the mail to be spooled
and sent from file/directory.
Memory footprint is the only backward of any idea in this direction. I
agree that postfix cannot be taken as solution. Never used procmail and
have nothing to say pro or contra. Little perl script that reads headers
Btw, yesterday I found it impossible to update repositories. Something
Best regards


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