[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: MMH project started

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 8 19:02:27 EET 2007
Zoran Kolic wrote:
 >> procmailrc uses a very complicated syntax.
 >> So I am pretty sure I will skip it, probably in favor of maildrop.
 > I used fetchmail and put the stream to sendmail/postfix on the 25 port.
 > It could hand it to maildrop for sure. I don't think that fetchmail
 > can do it alone. How do you configured on nokia?
I didn't yet (as it is one of the todos for MMH :)).
I have read on the fetchmail site that it can use an MDA to deliver 
locally, skipping port 25. I do not want to use any daemon on port 25 to 
deliver locally.
BTW, I am starting to like your suggestion about getmail.

 >> (and I did succeed for example in getting mail from gmail)
 > I do it regularly from port 995 with getmail.
I was pretty sure it would be possible with getmail too :)

 >> I was thinking about nmh (hence the name 'mmh').
 > Looks intriguing. But cannot find proper docs. Have you installed it
 > on 770? (Scirocco in my case.)
I did compiled it for N800. I am sure it can be installed on 770 too 
without any change.
The .deb file is on the MMH garage pages.

 >> It is a set of command line tools to 'handle' mails. Handling means 
also sending it directly to the remote MX (so to fill up the gap on 
sending e-mails).
 > As stream or from file? I use mbox to store. Mutt could pipe. Has an
 > option to set outbound server/service/sendmail.
nmh will 'incorporate' mails from the mbox spool file. It comes from an 
era where your mail would arrive in the /var/spool/mail/<user> inbox.
Incorporate mails, in nmh, means it'll read the single mbox file and 
split the mails each in its own file in the MH folders in the user home 
directory. The command line 'inc' just does this.
It can be used together with 'slocal' (another nmh tool) to filter them 
before going into the destination folder (and take some action too if 
configured accordingly).
You can find nmh here: http://www.nongnu.org/nmh/
And a book (free) on it here: http://rand-mh.sourceforge.net/book/

My idea is to let nmh handle the mails and the UI just needs to show 
them (and execute the tools).

 >> In the case the user wants a delayed deliver, I can simply use "at"
 > Defer option in postfix or similar sounds little better?
If I would use postfix, yes.
Dunno yet is nmh has a defer option. In case, I can use a timer.

 >> 'nmh' is quite big and python is big also.
 > Python 2.4. How big nmh is in real life? Deb file is 1.6.
I simply recompiled it (and stripped it). It is quite big: around 5Mb.

 >> I am aware of little mail senders, but I still prefer the nmh path 
as it also gives me mail handling.
 > OK. Just thought. I might have them both. Looking for info on the net.
Thanks, let me know.
We can move this discussion on the MMH mailing list if you subscribe ;-)

 > What do you get with nmh in this moment?
Handling. It takes care of the proper RFCs for me in replying, composing 
and MIME handling too.

 > Hey! What os? Does it work on scirocco?
I have an N800 (kindly discounted from the Maemo team :p) and I am 
selling my 770 to a friend.
I will test the MMH suite on both.
I did compile the programs on the bora SDK.

But, as it'll be very easy, I assure it'll run on the 770 too.
(indeed it should run straightaway on the 770).


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