[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: MMH project started

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Fri Feb 9 17:10:08 EET 2007
> I have read on the fetchmail site that it can use an MDA to deliver 
> locally, skipping port 25. I do not want to use any daemon on port 25 to 
> deliver locally.

As I remember, it looks for something on port 25 to hand on the packets.
Either postfix or procmail or maildrop. I never succeed standalone.

> nmh will 'incorporate' mails from the mbox spool file. It comes from an 
> era where your mail would arrive in the /var/spool/mail/<user> inbox.

I live it that era. Where else mail should go?

> Incorporate mails, in nmh, means it'll read the single mbox file and 
> split the mails each in its own file in the MH folders in the user home 
> directory. The command line 'inc' just does this.

Hm! I must read manual carefully. I want mail to be in single mbox file.
If has to be split, no temporary file in the middle. (I don't have back
up of old letters. I live for today. ;-) )

> It can be used together with 'slocal' (another nmh tool) to filter them 
> before going into the destination folder (and take some action too if 
> configured accordingly).

No daemon, I hope?

> My idea is to let nmh handle the mails and the UI just needs to show 
> them (and execute the tools).

Looks like shell script.

> Handling. It takes care of the proper RFCs for me in replying, composing 
> and MIME handling too.

What mua? Previously I tried to replace sendmail this way. Finaly, I found
postfix. It daemons, which is no-no on 770.
There is little "mpack" for mime handling. It is fun to write the mail in
ascii file and put to smtp sender. Cannot explain why.

> selling my 770 to a friend.

Is 800 realy better for command line tasks?

> I will test the MMH suite on both.

I could sit and wait then?
OK. I have external hdd now and enclosure. Gonna wait a little for debian 4.0.
(Lazy me, thats it!) The very first thing should be to compile modules for
statefull firewall. It probably wants swap. If memory profile enables moving
parts, even Marius' idea of postfix could be possible. But, rather nmh, since
I don't have it or use it. Reading docs would be pleasure. Who wants things
that work just like that?


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