[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Do you want to install as many applications as you like?

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Fri Feb 9 18:45:54 EET 2007
This is something I was waiting for, the previous documentation was  
incomplete/fragmented/not-updated; this Sebas' howto is a very good  
example of howto writing. I've been able to follow it without any worry  
and everything works very well.

I have appreciated a lot the line he used in every document edited:

"This procedure has been tested on a Nokia 770 with ITOS 3.2006.49-2"

This type of statement is something I miss from other wiki pages or maemo  
tutorials on web, where discovering that the stuff used by the author is  
not the same of the user is left to the user himself, sometimes with not  
so nice effects. This is especially true in this Maemo world, where there  
are already two different hardware systems (770 and N800) and each one has  
different versions of OS, with somehow confusing names, and using one  
instead of another one usually is not the same.

Of course, this has nothing to do with quality of the wiki pages, and of  
the authors: I've benefited from them a lot, many are very well written  
and useful, and as a linux newbie I wouldn't have gone so far without  
them. I really love the work that wiki authors have done, or blog owners,  
etc. But I just want to underline the need of specifying *ALWAYS* the  
hardware used for testing (770? N800? ...next model?) and the OS version  
installed: this would simplify the path and avoid potential problems  
derived from possible incompatibilities.

Hope this message is visible hidden in this thread - btw feel free to  
spread the pray! :)


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