[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Can a USB modem be attached to N800?

From: Andrew J. Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 11 00:57:48 EET 2007
On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 00:27 +0530, mayank jain wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I recently found that an ISP - Reliance Telecom here provides a USB
> modem, which uses CDMA technology for establishing a dial-up
> connection. This modem works perfectly with a Linux based machine.
> Device details at
> http://www.reliancecommunications.co.in/Communications/Netconnect/netconnect_hotnew.html
> Look for "Reliance Netconnect USB Modem".
> Is it possible that this modem can be attached to N800 & used for
> internet? Because if this is so, internet would be available to my
> device from almost anywhere - Wifi or no Wifi.

You would want to find some kind of Bluetooth device for this. This
works fine with the Nokia tablets.

The 770 had limited support for USB host mode but AFAIK the N800 doesn't
seem to have this feature. No one has tried it yet, at least ;)


> Thanks :)
> makuchaku
> http://www.makuchaku.info/blog
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