[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Multiple Choice Response Form (Re: How to learn DSP development for N800?)

From: Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Date: Mon Feb 12 12:18:54 EET 2007

> I want to learn how to add new codecs to Maemo. So: Yes, I want direct
> access to the DSP.
> Basically, I'm asking for what Frantisek just described in his message
> "Maemo roadmap, SDK improvements..." to this list:
>> - example of simple hello world dsp task with working makefile
>> including linking phase with dsp bios used on device
>> - source of example audio/video sink - i.e. how to produce audio/video
>> from the dsp task (=what code to call in dsp bios)

This is not meant as a flame.

I know that you guys from Nokia read this list. I know that you are
bound to some legal mumbo-jumbo and cannot reply to anything suggested
here. I also know that the open source community is a group of grumpy
people with questionable social skills, so you've been flamed to hell
and back on this list and you have lost interest in replying to the
ungrateful crackpots writing here... ;-)

However, SOME sort of response would be REALLY kind, even if [1] hasn't
been hired, yet.

So, Nokia guys, please select one or more of the following multiple choices:

[ ] "Good idea, we might provide this some time in the future, but we
cannot promise a date for that, so please be patient."

[ ] "Good idea, but we cannot provide this due to legal reasons, please

[ ] "Good idea, but you have to sign this NDA first to receive this

[ ] "Sorry, not a good idea, it's too much work for the Nokia developers
to provide you with some definitive guide to DSP development and we
prefer working on Maemo development. Here are some helpful links to get
you started, but you have to find out this stuff on your own."

[ ] "Sorry, not a good idea, we don't want to you to hack the hardware
and will not provide direct access to the DSP. Please stay at the
application level when developing for Maemo devices."

[ ] "Sorry, no idea. We haven't made up our mind on this, yet."

[ ] Other: ___________________________________

Thank you,



(Great idea! I hope that the documentation manager will improve
discussions like this one and really look forward to his work!)

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