[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Can a USB modem be attached to N800?

From: Kate Alhola kate.alhola at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 12 15:07:04 EET 2007
ext Aaron Westerdale wrote:
> Hi
> You said you use it with USB interface to realtime embedded system. 
> Could you possibly pointing me in a direction to look into to
> interface with embedded systems.  I built a model truck controlled by
> an 8051 controller that I use a program like hyper terminal to program
> through USB to Serial.  It would be cool at demonstrations to be able
> to program the truck with my N800 instead of having to hook up to my
> laptop.  It could simply send precompiled HEX files to the controller,
> even cooler if I could figure out how to compile the files but
> uploading precompiled would be good enough.  Any help is greatly
> appreciated.
You can look from garage.maemo.org katix-efis and katix-enginemonitor .
Both of them use Atmel AT91SAM7S microcontroler
attached to the 770 ( i have not yet tested with N800 ). At the moment,
there is only maemo side of the code but i try to do
some web pages of SAM7 side.  The SAM7S is cheep ( under 10Euro) ARM-7
microcontroller that has build-in USB device.

I just run code inside of SAM7S that emulates USB-Serial converter and
fakes manucahturer_id/device_id ones tat
770 kernel regonizes, so i don't need even have separate kernel driver
for it. Advantage in this approach is just
that i don't need to supply driver ( in .deb file ) for every maemo
kernel version. If more complex functionality
is needed then kernel driver approach may be better.

The task that SAM7S does is collect data from sensors ( A/D converter,
CAN-bus  etc ) and preprocess data like
filtering and integrating etc and then suplies result 770 application.


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> Aaron Westerdale 

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