[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Problems with maemo bora armel emulation

From: Osvaldo Santana osantana at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 13 19:12:44 EET 2007
Hi Klaus,

On 2/12/07, Klaus Rotter <klaus at rotters.de> wrote:


> (2) Maybe this problem has somethin to do with problem #1: I was able to
> compile & run SDL programms befor, but no I get "Inconsistency detected
> by ld.so: rtld.c: 288: _dl_start_final: Assertion nfo->l.l_tls_modid ==
> 0' failed" running configure. I found
> http://lists.scratchbox.org/pipermail/scratchbox-devel/2006-September/000217.html
> Is this the only solution to recompile qemu-arm emulator? Maybe I should
> select another emulator? I use now:
> /scratchbox/devkits/cputransp/bin/qemu-arm-0.8.1-sb2
> Someone on maemo-irc suggested that it may be a kernel problem?
> "CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO=y". Do I relly have to recompile my ubuntu kernel?

This is a bug in the maemo glibc:



Osvaldo Santana Neto (aCiDBaSe)

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