[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Sample keyboard layout file

From: Tomas Junnonen tomas1 at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 13 19:50:44 EET 2007

The format of the virtual keyboard files has been documented [1] for
some time, but unless you're familiar with XML DTD's and really
patient it's probably hard create a full keyboard from scratch. So, in
the hopes that it will help people create additional keyboards of
their own I'm making an English Dvorak layout with its source
available as an example:


I'm not a Dvorak user myself so I can't tell if it's any good :) But
it does contain every sublayout for both virtual and finger keyboards
so with a little copy and pasting you can create any keyboard you

Layouts must be compiled in the Maemo 3.0 SDK, but can then be used
with both the 770 and the N800. I didn't want to replace any of the
existing layouts, so the keyboard is listed as "wa_BE" (must be a
valid locale) Language in the Text input settings of the control panel
after installing the deb.


[1] http://www.maemo.org/platform/docs/howtos/howto_him_bora.html#Virtual-kb-xml-file

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