[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: [maemo-users] 'Locking down' software installation

From: Andy Mulhearn unxmully at mac.com
Date: Thu Feb 15 20:41:20 EET 2007
On 15 Feb 2007, at 16:39, Marius Vollmer wrote:

> "ext Andy Mulhearn" <unxmully at mac.com> writes:
>> I suppose that depends on how reliable is the incremental flash
>> process. If it's 100% then there should be no problems with what you
>> suggest.
> That's one thing that we have to figure out.

Non-trivial I suspect.

>> My only concern would be getting into a Windows XP-like situation
>> where you reinstall with XP SP1 becaude that's what came with your
>> system and then have to install SP2 and 100+ hotfixes to get back to
>> where you were.
> I have zero experience with Windows, so I don't know how painful it is
> what you describe.

Grim. One of the levels of hell.


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