[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Multiple Choice Response Form (Re: How to learn DSP development for N800?)

From: Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Date: Fri Feb 16 00:10:46 EET 2007

I did't rest before I got an answer

Hanno Zulla wrote:
> Hi,
>> I want to learn how to add new codecs to Maemo. So: Yes, I want direct
>> access to the DSP.
>> Basically, I'm asking for what Frantisek just described in his message
>> "Maemo roadmap, SDK improvements..." to this list:
>>> - example of simple hello world dsp task with working makefile
>>> including linking phase with dsp bios used on device
>>> - source of example audio/video sink - i.e. how to produce audio/video
>>> from the dsp task (=what code to call in dsp bios)
> This is not meant as a flame.
> I know that you guys from Nokia read this list. I know that you are
> bound to some legal mumbo-jumbo and cannot reply to anything suggested
> here. I also know that the open source community is a group of grumpy
> people with questionable social skills, so you've been flamed to hell
> and back on this list and you have lost interest in replying to the
> ungrateful crackpots writing here... ;-)
> However, SOME sort of response would be REALLY kind, even if [1] hasn't
> been hired, yet.
> So, Nokia guys, please select one or more of the following multiple choices:
> [ ] "Good idea, we might provide this some time in the future, but we
> cannot promise a date for that, so please be patient."
> [ ] "Good idea, but we cannot provide this due to legal reasons, please
> understand."
> [ ] "Good idea, but you have to sign this NDA first to receive this
> information."
> [ ] "Sorry, not a good idea, it's too much work for the Nokia developers
> to provide you with some definitive guide to DSP development and we
> prefer working on Maemo development. Here are some helpful links to get
> you started, but you have to find out this stuff on your own."
> [X] "Sorry, not a good idea, we don't want to you to hack the hardware
> and will not provide direct access to the DSP. Please stay at the
> application level when developing for Maemo devices."

You can use the information that is available on
Right now there is nothing more that we can offer.


> [ ] "Sorry, no idea. We haven't made up our mind on this, yet."
> [ ] Other: ___________________________________
> Thank you,
> Hanno
> [1]
> http://careers.nokia.com/nokia/hr/recrsyst.nsf/WB2RR/B18285E672815A72C225726000399BAA
> (Great idea! I hope that the documentation manager will improve
> discussions like this one and really look forward to his work!)
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