[maemo-developers] 770 auto shutdown problem

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Sat Feb 17 14:07:10 EET 2007
Hi John. Why don't you just reflash it all and start clean?


2007/2/17, Cass, John P <j.cass at imperial.ac.uk>:
> Hello Maemo Developers,
> Maybe someone can help me - I bought a 770 second-hand recently and love
> it BUT it has one strange behaviour; it shuts itself down periodically -
> usually when it hasn't been used for a little while (~5-10 mins) whether the
> screen is exposed or covered.  I really want to be able to use the standby
> mode covering the screen and being able to quickly start again but at the
> moment I always have to reboot.
> I don't think its a battery problem because I get hours of use out of it
> if I keep tapping away.  Sometimes it stays on longer, although I am not
> sure why...
> Anyway - anyone else seen this?
> Anyone know of a way to trap messages that might explain why its doing
> this?
> Is there an equivalent to /proc/bootreason that explains why it previously
> shut down?
> I used dbus-monitor (see below) but don't think I'm getting much useful
> information - what do you think?
> Its running OS2006 49-2.
> Any thoughts appreciated!!
> Thanks
> John
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