[maemo-developers] Linux N800 with Ext2/3, smbfs and nfs

From: Marc Zonzon marc.zonzon at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 20 11:17:55 EET 2007
The Application catalog give an entry to Linux N800 with Ext2/3, smbfs
and nfs,
but when clicking on the Homepage instead of the homepage there is a
kernel download.
We don't know who has done this kernel, with which option is it
compiled, if it has been tested or if if it will brick up our device.
We have no way to check the integrity of the file (no md5sum)
Please could you change this entry to a link to an informational page.

I would also like to know why you provide a new kernel and not
modules, it seems there are yet modules for ext2/ext3 in IT2007.
For nfs where can you get portmap, there is a broken dependency in the old
nf-common package.


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