[maemo-developers] Security Guidance for N800 OS development

From: Gavin O' Gorman gavin.ogorman at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 00:10:18 EET 2007
On 2/20/07, Acadia Secure Networks <acadiasecurenets at aol.com> wrote:
>  Maybe the target market for 770 and N800 does not include the business
> market, but If Nokia is at all interested in penetrating that market for a
> device like the N800 Nokia will surely have to come up with a very strong
> offering with respect to device security. Otherwise the CIO's of the world
> will not let this device into their network perimeter, at least not
> knowingly.

Out of curiosity, how many mobile phones have you encountered that run
firewalls ?


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