[maemo-developers] *.maemo.org Best Of

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 11:55:02 EET 2007
The maemo community produces great software and also great
documentation. The problem is that currently some of the Best Jewels are
also Best Kept Secrets. Partly because maemo.org needs some refactoring
(we are working on it) and partly because most Internet Tablet end users
are so far away from what this community has to offer. 

Let's work on a compilation of the best resources maemo.org has to offer
to real and pure end users. We will move it closer to the Nokia channels
where end users are. Hopefully this will become also a successful
showcase of openness, seducing users not aware of the open&free spirit
of software with stuff they like.

      * Do you have a stable application documented and easy to install
        in the Internet Tablets that Just Works?
      * Are you maintaining a wiki page or some kind of documentation
        with good quality content that owners of Internet Tablets would
      * Alternatively, are you an Internet Tablet user really satisfied
        with application X or document Y?

Share your tips! With all the feedback we will work on a maemo.org Best
Of compilation for end users (v0.9) to be published to the new maemo.org
site and be maintained there. Yes, we could start this from scratch in a
wiki page but precisely these days we are migrating the maemo wiki
(pages and users). Let's not to add more entropy to the process. 

No need to populate the list with replies unless you have a good reason
to. Send me your suggestions and I will compile.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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