[maemo-developers] becomeroot once again but with password

From: Marc Zonzon marc.zonzon at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 17:27:39 EET 2007
Oh I don't want to produce "Become Root VI: the truth" nor "All you want to
know about BecomeRoot ..." but I was not satisfied with:
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/su
(or /bin/sh or gainroot ...)
because I don't want to open root to anybody, to put a password for user was
not alsways convenient even with 770 as pointed in the BecomeRoot2 howto, and 
it seems that on N800 the system want to forbid it because it answers:

~ $ passwd
The password for user cannot be changed.

Of course you can still change /etc/passwd.

If you want a root password, one way would be to have an /bin/su open to
anybody as user (not root) I suppose it implies to recompile scratchbox (?)

But an easy way is to add in  /etc/sudoers:

user ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/login

Then you can login with password as what user you want, root to become root,
but you can also become a true private user to store moderatly confidential
information (truly confidential must of course be encrypted).

William if you find it valuable you coud add a line in your howto.
(better a single line than this remake of another howto!), if it's stupid,
just tell me why.


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