[maemo-developers] Maemo Localization Project

From: Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at arkki.info
Date: Thu Feb 22 12:27:34 EET 2007
Goran Rakic kirjoitti:
> I'm interested in serbian localization, including translation into
> Serbian, support for input and spell suggestions. 

Let's do it - let's create l10n project for 770/N800. I have translated 
four programs (gpe family) in finnish and was wondering how to make them 
visible on garage.gaemo.org. There are more finnish translations as I 
know, but no simple project or page for them. There are natural language 
page even for finnish, but it seems to be somehow closed. I don't know 
how to add something for that page.

So, how about something like this:

Project Full Name: "Maemo Localization Project"
Project Purpose And Summarization: "???"
License: "GNU General Public License GPL"
Project Public Description: "Maemo Localization Project is starting 
point for all translators. Here you find information and recources for 
localization and translating applications for Internet Table 700 and N800."
Project Unix Name: "???"

I hope someone else start that project and became admin - my skills are 
not that good; I'm heavy user and administrator of all kind 
Linux-enviroments (from N800 to LTSP-systems), but I'm not a developer. 
And my skills for english are not so good, too.

On more thing - it is very important that every developers understand to 
make any applications localization friendly - there should allways be 
po-files available for translations. Good example is gpesummary. Version 
0.5 was hardcoded, 0.6 with po-files, so I got change to translate that 
little applet for my N800.

So that project should also make some pressure for all developers to 
make all applications l10n/po-friendly.

Best regards, Asmo Koskinen.

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