[maemo-developers] becomeroot once again but with password

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Thu Feb 22 17:35:52 EET 2007
> To have a free access user make completely superfluous to use a
> private-public key pair to ssh to root. Anybody can see both the
> private and public, what is the need of authentication?

One "plus" is that only you know the passphrase. Better then nothing.

> If user or is without a true password and can be accessed from ssh,
> anybody on the lan (on the lan because they need to know your ip) can
> take the control of your tablet.

If I understand well, it goes for user in front of the screen. When
that user tries to connect remotely, he needs ssh authentification,
from password or key.

> a robber will see also all your sent and
> received mails.

Dude way would be to connect to port 995 via ssl. Some isp thinks it
is not important. I see that port 585 is dedicated to imap-ssl.

> In any case the better for these mobile things is encrypted
> filesystems, on my other computers I use fuse+encfs, it would be nice

Memory footprint and flash rub come to mind.


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