[maemo-developers] Requesting confirmation of a Bug in opera

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Thu Feb 22 18:46:10 EET 2007
Scenario - you are on a web page which downloads images (possibly 
only ones downloaded via javascript) into the page, while doing this 
you lose Internet connectivity (walk out of wireless range), you 
notice and reacquire wireless connectivity.  Opera does not seem to 
recover from this and you cannot click links etc (well you can but 
they won't do anything, if you hold and click you can open in new 
window).  In effect you must close the window, no amount of waiting 
or clicking seems to wake it up again, even typing a new url in the 
bar has no effect.

How to reproduce. Open up connection  manager so you can quickly 
disconnect and reconnect to simulate losing wireless. Goto google 
maps. zoom in on something click satelite and before it loads hit the 
disconnect button. Click back notice the image is half loaded. Go 
back to connection manger and reconnect. Go back to opera and 
clicking links etc, typing new URL has no effect.

Only solution I have currently is close browser and 
reopen.  Unfortunately it is happening a bit too often. Have other 
people experienced this issue (examples, circumstances?) can other 
people reproduce it.

I have reproduced it in 3.2006 and 2.3006.

My theory is the browser is using it's available connections to 
download data, it doesn't realise wireless was lost and carries on, 
something in its code blocks any other connections starting until the 
ones in use are finished, there seems to be no timeout to cancel 
trying to get these images.  perhaps similar to the max connections 
setting in other browsers, so you can only have say 4 simultaneous 
downloads from the same site and extra ones are just queued until the 
first ones finish.  Just noticed clicking links does update the URL 
bar if you hold and then click open but doesn't load the page.

Currently looking to see if some javascript in the page could create 
an artificial timeout and cancel the image downloads which might work 
for my web app if my theory is correct and I just need to unblock the 
open connections but not much good for people surfing the web :-)


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