[maemo-developers] N800 Camera Motion Detector w/HTTP server

From: Kon Wilms konfoo at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 22 19:15:34 EET 2007
Hi folks,

I have compiled Motion and put it here with some info:

I will build up a mud package and frontend UI when I have some time :-)


-- snip

This is a quick compilation of Motion with V4L2 support.

Motion is a flexible motion detection and image capture application that can
capture from input video devices, perform motion analysis, and output the
resulting postprocessed images to files, external processes, or straight to
HTTP using its built-in HTTP server.

You can use it with your N800 and turn your device into a motion capture
device, automated snapshot device, or anything else you can think of.

I have customized the binary to overcome some issues with V4L2 on the N800
(buffer read errors), and modified the motion.conf to accomodate for the
N800 (hur offset, capture delay to give minimum amount of errors, etc.)

To use:

1. Unzip and copy motion and motion.conf to your N800
2. Using xterm, start motion
3. Hit the IP of your N800 with a web browser on port 8081 (use firefox!)
4. To configure via the web, load Opera and hit the N800 on port 8080

You must use mozilla or firefox as the stream is motion jpeg and IE cannot
parse the stream (being the pile it is).

See the FAQ for more info on setting up motion to auto-ftp images, email,
postprocess, redirect, draw image boxes around motion detected, ...

If you file bug reports to this thread I will do my best to fix the code.

CAVEATS: non-graceful termination may hang the camera device and reboot the
N800 (harmless but beware).

Download here http://geopacket.com/maemo/
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