[maemo-developers] becomeroot once again but with password

From: marc zonzon marc.zonzon at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 22 21:42:31 EET 2007
> Security-wise, I see no increased risk from allowing passwordless root
> for anyone who has user-level access.  All the sensitive data is already
> accessible for the user, and it's trivial to install some package
> (becomeroot) to get root anyway.

If you put some sensitive data under an other account than user, it is
not directly accessible. Becomeroot package use the gainroot  whose
entry can easily be deleted from sudoers, ssh is easily secured, of
course your tablet will not resist a serious investigation. But if it
is stolen probably as James point out it is not by a somebody in this
list, or even a true hacker. My point was only not to expose

But I repeat, the main point would be a secure access to user, is it
possible with the tablet? If so of course, a free access from user to
root is no problem.

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