[maemo-developers] Maemo Localization Project

From: Goran Rakic grakic at devbase.net
Date: Fri Feb 23 02:14:40 EET 2007
У чет, 22. 02 2007. у 23:43 +0100, Goran Rakic пише:
> У чет, 22. 02 2007. у 12:27 +0200, Asmo Koskinen пише:
> > Let's do it - let's create l10n project for 770/N800.
> If I am understanding correctly, if locale is not officially supported
> from Nokia, there is no way we can add it to N770, right?

To reply myself, according to http://guoyong.org/2006/08/03/247 it is
possible to add new locale, but it can not be selected as virtual
keyboard won't work. 

I have not tried that yet, but is that warning note about virtual
keyboard true and what can be done to solve that issue?

Goran Rakic

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