[maemo-developers] Urgent basic help please...

From: Vikas Murthy vikasm at TechMahindra.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 09:12:28 EET 2007
Hi developers.

I am Vikas.
I have a basic doubt.

I got the information from Wikipedia that Nokia N800 uses Maemo3.0 in
the form of Internet Tablet OS 2007. 
Am I right that this means that Maemo is almost a complete package with
which a phone can have very basic functionalities???????

Now, the library stack of Maemo3.0 looks like this according to

Hildon-------------------------------------Topmost layer
				 GTK+, D-Bus 
				 X Window System
GNU/Linux---------------------------------Lowest layer

Now if I put the above open source components on a hardware platform (an
appropriate board with LCD display, used for development, not the
phone's board)
and then install Maemo3.0  on top of it, will I see the very basic GUI
of the mobile phone and develop further????????????
Is such a thing possible????????
If yes, please let me know which hardware board to use for this

Please let me know...
Awaiting a reply....

Thank you,
Vikas N.R


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