[maemo-developers] Questions about GUI design on N800

From: Daniel Stone daniel.stone at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 09:33:28 EET 2007
On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 09:15:16AM +0200, ext maemo-developers-bounces at maemo.org wrote:
> >1. Is it possible to use the display of the N800 in portrait orientation?
> >My application currently runs on a display that is 640x480.  800x480 would
> >be a big advantage, but I can't figure out how to reorganize my layout for
> >480x800.
> Did I got you right? 800x480 is the default on N800.
> Haven't tested screen rotation on N800. On
> 770 it worked, but one had to gave up few
> optimizations: http://syslog.movial.fi/archives/7-xrandr-on-nokia-770.html
> Easiest way is to just run xrandr on N800 and see what happens.

That will rotate in software, which is immensely slow.  The LCD
controller (Hailstorm) can rotate on scanout in hardware, so using that
won't be a performance hit, will still let you display videos, and will
generally be a great deal faster.

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