[maemo-developers] New release of Python2.5 for Maemo

From: Luciano M. Wolf lucianomw at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 16:46:24 EET 2007
Hi Maemo Developers!

I would like to announce the release of a new version of Python2.5 for
Maemo. This release includes bugfixes in the following areas:
  - Patch for race condition with signals, inside python;
  - Inclusion of pyexpat module. It was removed accidentally during
the build process. This one enables the cElementTree usage.
  - Closes #388 and #389 (Pierre Amadio, thanks for bug report!). Now
its possible to use rpc_run and rpc_async_run correctly. Some
modifications inside online documentation must be done, regarding
callback function used by rpc_async_run. Actually it will receive 4
parameters, like C code does. (eg. def callback_func (interface,
method, retval, user_data) ).

Thanks to Carman project team too. You have provided great feedback
and helped us a lot.

Hope all you enjoy it and keep reporting problems to improve even more.

Luciano Wolf

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