[maemo-developers] Requesting confirmation of a Bug in opera

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Fri Feb 23 18:37:37 EET 2007
This happens to me all of the time in gmail. Haven't tried a quick
disconnect like that, but when it times out sitting on my bedstand I
need to close opera in the morning before it responds again.


On 2/22/07, Simon Moore <simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk> wrote:
> Scenario - you are on a web page which downloads images (possibly
> only ones downloaded via javascript) into the page, while doing this
> you lose Internet connectivity (walk out of wireless range), you
> notice and reacquire wireless connectivity.  Opera does not seem to
> recover from this and you cannot click links etc (well you can but
> they won't do anything, if you hold and click you can open in new
> window).  In effect you must close the window, no amount of waiting
> or clicking seems to wake it up again, even typing a new url in the
> bar has no effect.
> How to reproduce. Open up connection  manager so you can quickly
> disconnect and reconnect to simulate losing wireless. Goto google
> maps. zoom in on something click satelite and before it loads hit the
> disconnect button. Click back notice the image is half loaded. Go
> back to connection manger and reconnect. Go back to opera and
> clicking links etc, typing new URL has no effect.
> Only solution I have currently is close browser and
> reopen.  Unfortunately it is happening a bit too often. Have other
> people experienced this issue (examples, circumstances?) can other
> people reproduce it.
> I have reproduced it in 3.2006 and 2.3006.
> My theory is the browser is using it's available connections to
> download data, it doesn't realise wireless was lost and carries on,
> something in its code blocks any other connections starting until the
> ones in use are finished, there seems to be no timeout to cancel
> trying to get these images.  perhaps similar to the max connections
> setting in other browsers, so you can only have say 4 simultaneous
> downloads from the same site and extra ones are just queued until the
> first ones finish.  Just noticed clicking links does update the URL
> bar if you hold and then click open but doesn't load the page.
> Currently looking to see if some javascript in the page could create
> an artificial timeout and cancel the image downloads which might work
> for my web app if my theory is correct and I just need to unblock the
> open connections but not much good for people surfing the web :-)
> Regards
> Simon
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