[maemo-developers] N800 Camera Motion Detector w/HTTP server

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 20:47:53 EET 2007
On 2/22/07, Jeremiah Summers <jeremiah.summers at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/22/07, Acadia Secure Networks <acadiasecurenets at aol.com> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 11:25 -0700, Jeremiah Summers wrote:
> > "....To configure via the web, load Opera and hit the N800
> > on port 8080"
> > why is opera necessary? Would it also be possible to connect
> > to the N800 on port 8080 from another computer using, say
> >
> > Firefox?
> >
> > Because Opera is on the N800 by default not FireFox! (sorry I normally
> > just listen but this was to obvious)
> >
> > Um, he's asking if he can connect to the server from another computer
> > (e.g. he wants to know if the server on the N800 is just listening on
> > localhost or not) It has nothing to do with the browser used.
> > But that was obvious to me. ;-)
> Yes that is what I was saying but obviously opera is used because if you are
> configuring it on the n800 that's your only choice right? That would be why
> opera is necessary at least on the N800 and that is why it was stated.
> There's no other reason why Opera would be mentioned when above he mentioned
> both Firefox and Opera. Maybe the question should then be restated to can
> you access the configuration from something outside the local loopback
> instead of focusing on using opera or not. If that's the case Opera
> wouldn't, nor shouldn't matter. So I answered the question about Opera, why
> it was mentioned. In a joking way that would be the reason, would it not?

To answer the question ... it is configurable but these things usually
bind to localhost only by default just to be secure by default:

... and you can probably get away with using minimo on the NokIT too.
I am not sure if the control interface is simple enough to use one of
the text-based browsers but it might be.


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