[maemo-developers] Package dependency not automaticaly installed

From: Jean-Luc Biord jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Sat Feb 24 10:09:35 EET 2007

I have created the project xgalaga 
(https://garage.maemo.org/projects/xgalaga/). The exe require the xpm 
library to work. When i install the xgalaga package and libxpm4 is not 
already installed, an error message is displayed about the package 
libxpm4 not installed. After this message, the package is not installed 
by the application manager.  It's curious because this package exists 
and can be installed in a console logged sudo by the command "apt-get 
install libxpm4". Who a new user can solve this problem !

My question is why the package required is not automaticaly installed?

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