[maemo-developers] Javascript support on N800 Browser?

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Sun Feb 25 05:50:20 EET 2007

does the www browser on the N800 fully and correctly implement javascript?

I have a www site that I can visit with the Firefox ( Browser 
running on Windows XP Pro SP2 and successfully download and upload files 
from/to the www site. The www site uses javascript.

However, when I attempt to do this from the N800 www browser, the upload 
and download, although it seems to work, results in corrupted files on 
the receiving side when the receiving side is the N800. On the other 
hand I seem to be able to upload files from the N800 to the www site 
most (but still less than 100%) of the time.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad



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