[maemo-developers] Opera, MiniMo, Epiphany?

From: David Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Date: Sun Feb 25 16:57:46 EET 2007
Many people would like to replace Opera with something else, for various 
reasons. One of the candidates has been MiniMo, but that seems to have 

Has anybody considered porting Epiphany to Maemo? It's already GTK 
based, so I would think that it would be easier to port to Maemo than 
some of the other choices.

I've tried the current Epiphany with one of my pet "problem sites" 
(AAA's TripTiks page), and it works, so it would seem to me that it 
would be more compatible with Web 2.0 sites than the Opera 6 that is in 
the Nokia. It is Free Software and so could be part of the Maemo source 

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