[maemo-developers] DateEditor

From: Vire Markku Markku.Vire at movial.fi
Date: Mon Feb 26 10:31:28 EET 2007

HildonDateEditor has properties for the day, month and year (even though I
still didn't see them in the documentation web page?). In order to detect
changes you can use property notification service provided by GObject:

  g_signal_connect(editor, "notify::year", G_CALLBACK(my_callback), data);

and similarly for the day and month as well. It's worth to note that the
signature of the notify handler contains extra GParamSpec parameter:

  void my_callback(GObject *obj, GParamSpec *param, gpointer data)


> I'm writting a program and I want to catch an event when a DateEditor
> widget changes it's status (when the date changes). Is this possible? I
> haven't seen any event on the API documentation.
> Thanks for your help!

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