[maemo-developers] Enriching the Application Manager scripting experience

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 26 14:55:37 EET 2007
"ext Marius Gedminas" <marius at pov.lt> writes:

> My personal strategy when designing file formats is to consider the
> convenience of the person who will write them first.  Parsing is not
> that hard (unless you're trying to parse natural language).

It's not hard, but it clutters up the code enough.  I am actually more
concerned about the maintainability of the code here.

But let's not get distracted by the syntax too much here.  I got the
message and I am seriously reconsidering using .ini files instead of
going with XML, see my reply to Jari.  (I will probably keep the
X-expressions for internal stuff, tho.)

I would like to hear more about what additional functionality you
would like to see in the .install files.

"Being able to specify multiple repositories" is one example of the
input I am looking for.

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