[maemo-developers] Maemo at Google's Summer of Code 2007?

From: Edgard Lima edgard.lima at indt.org.br
Date: Tue Feb 27 16:35:24 EET 2007
> 1. N800 as a webcam device: I already recommended this idea on this
> list earlier for anyone looking for some n800 related project to work
> on. This would ideally involve a user-space streaming application on
> the device and a  v4l2 device driver on the PC. Now that everyone
> knows there is FM radio capability on the device, the v4l2 driver
> could also provide that capability on the PC.
regarding the idea of make the N800 work as WebCam like any other 
plug-and-play webcam in the market for any OS:

There is nothing to be done in user space on N800 side. What has to be 
done is a usb gadget driver on N800 side and it would make the usb port 
work as UVC (usb video class) device, so Windows, Mac and Linux (with 
linux-uvc module loaded) would work with it. I'm not sure N800 gadget 
drivers sources are available on maemo repository, and if it isn't only 
Nokia internal guys could do that (may be someone is writing such gadget)


yes it could be done in user space if you want:

1- define a network/stream protocol suitable for video like devices and 
write a default user space app getting data from v4l2 and sending over 
networking that implemets that protocol
2- write a v4l2 driver for it on desktop side

this way it would work for every linux (having v4l2 device) and desktop 

regarding radio may be it could be done with Usb Audio Class (I have to 
look at this class) in the same way. BUT could also be done in user 
space mode.

Edgard Lima
edgard.lima at indt.org.br

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