[maemo-developers] Application Manager scripting, second try

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 27 17:50:28 EET 2007
"ext Marius Gedminas" <marius at pov.lt> writes:

> It would be good to clarify whether mistral, scrirocco, and gregale are
> considered to be different distributions, or if they all use the name
> 'mistral'.

Yes, that would be good to clarify.  I left this out of the document
for now since I don't have a clue myself... :-/

>> [...]  The "catalogues" key is a list of strings that refer to the
>> catalogue groups that describe the catalogues to be added.
> How are the strings in the list separated?  I would expect spaces or
> commas, but in your examples you use semicolons.  Is that something
> standard for GKeyFiles?

Yes, that's the default list item separator for GKeyFiles.  We can use
a different one, but I think the default one is OK.

>> The "package" key gives the name of the package to install.
> So it is impossible to write a single .install file that installs
> multiple packages?

Only when it used the card_install interaction flow.

> I'm trying to imagine a use case for that... Still trying...

Yeah, we couldn't come up with a good use case either, and we don't
want to bother thinking about the UI for this case.

> The only idea that comes into mind is some uber-user crafting a
> .install file containing all her favourite applications for
> single-click reinstalling after a reflash.

That should be taken care of with the new "backup/restore list of
applications" feature.

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