[maemo-developers] Asking for information about programming in JAVA at Nokia device

From: Sebastian Mancke asteban at gmx.de
Date: Tue Feb 27 22:42:04 EET 2007
Hello Magda,

we have recently started a project with the aim to maintain a full
featured free java stack for mobile linux devices, called JaLiMo. The
goal is to package and tailor existing jvm-related projects, as well as
develop APIs for easy integration with the target platforms.

Since we have recently started, our mailing list and Web-Site will be
available in a few weeks. Currently we have managed to get the recent
cacaojvm (see www.cacaojvm.org), gnu classpath 0.93 (see
www.classpath.org) and java-gnome 4.0.2 running on the n770.


Since our state is experimental at the moment, we have no official
packages now, but you can grab some simple tar.gz archives from
http://www.mancke-software.de/jalimo/. (unpack to /usr/local/ and get in
touch, if you have problems with them.) They are only tested with n770,
I don't know, if they are running with your n800.

There is also a classpath 0.91, together with a jamvm available out
there. (http://www.internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2896)
This 0.91 has a working Swing/AWT which will be hard to get running for
later classpath versions, because it needs a newer gtk.

Both, the jamvm and the cacao seem to work fine. The cacaojvm (JIT) is
approx. 2-3 times faster than the jamvm, but has a huge start up time
(~3 sec, instead of 0.7 sec).

What is the project, you are focussing on?


magda chelly schrieb:
> Hello,
> I'm a student beginnig to program with a Nokia N800,
> and I'm in search for some information. I would be
> gratefull if you could help me a little.
> In fact, I have a problem, it's that the Nokia
> N800 does not support JAVA and I must program with
> that
> language. You know something about that? What must
> I install to make my program runs on that? Which
> virtual
> machine work on that, or maybe there is somewhere
> a virtual machine that work on NOKIA 770. I
> I'm very sorry to disturb you with my questions.
> Yours faithfully,
> Magda,
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