[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Building 'maemo 3.0' against stock base libraries

From: Andrew J. Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 9 01:19:18 EET 2007
On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 23:57 +0100, Koen Kooi wrote:
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> Hi,
> Since Nokia decided that my n770 is unworthy of OS2007[1], I wanted to see how much
> trouble it is to compile the various maemo3 components against a stock
> gtk/cairo/esound/dbus/etc and run that on my 770.

<bitter sarcasm> Wonderful. Good job, Nokia.</bitter sarcasm>

Obviously I wasn't around for the Sharp Zaurus developer experience, but
this seems to be a silly thing for Nokia to do. This thing was upwards
of $350! What do you mean there's no OS upgrade for it?? Honestly!

> * hildon-base-libs built fine (yay!)
> * hildon-libs errored out with an implicit declaration of "gtk_style_lookup_logical_color"
> (booo, hiss!), which according to http://maemo.org/maemowiki/MaemoGtk210Changes is to
> "provide old hidon logical color API".
> So, before I go on a quest to get it working and waste a lot of time that could have been
> spent on the control engineering course, I wanted to ask a few questions:
> * is hildon-libs going to depend on old hildon API forever?
> * if so, can someone comment on the bad thing that would happen if I rip those parts out
> * is there a configure option/patch available to stop using old hildon API stuff?

I obviously know next to nothing compared to you and your OpenEmbedded
cohorts, but how much trouble would it be to throw out Maemo all
together and use OpenEmbedded on the 770...with GPE, or Opie II whenever
that's ready. OpenEmbedded has a LOT more software available for it in a
central location, whereas the 770 experience has been random bloggers
(myself included) hacking together .debs in Scratchbox. Obviously we'd
have to keep a few proprietary things...probably the non-free kernel
modules and (maybe) the Xomap server (is that free/libre? I don't know).
But from what I know I don't see any reason why we can't junk the rest
of it and use whatever suits our fancies.


> regards,
> Koen
> [1] http://jaaksi.blogspot.com/2007/01/more-from-vegas.html
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