[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Telomer, a WIP email client

From: Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Date: Tue Jan 9 14:17:40 EET 2007
Hiya folks,

Since I've not mentioned it on the mailing list before, and since 
it's reaching the point it's usable with slightly less hand-holding 
than before, I'd like to point out Telomer to the assembled masses.

Telomer is a Lemonade Profile capable ACAP-aware email client, 
written in Python. Loosely, this means that it's a very low bandwidth 
IMAP/ESMTP client which can share its configuration with your 
desktop/laptop client (assuming it, too, speaks ACAP, like Polymer 
does). In fact, it's simpler to configure it by configuring Polymer 

It follows the Lemonade Profile - RFC4550 - which provides several 
extensions to IMAP and ESMTP to provide much increased efficiency. It 
also has support for several other IMAP and ESMTP extensions, which 
minimizes the bandwidth usage, making it reasonably fast and very 
cheap over mobile links.

It does not do traditional desktop client things like POP3, nor 
threaded message displays. If you want that, you're best off with 
something like Sylpheed - Andrew Flegg has ported it at 

If does, however, synchronize my INBOX (which has 40,000 messages in) 
in a few seconds (and fewer bytes) over GPRS, and it'll forward a 55M 
message over GPRS faster than a desktop client can on a LAN - 
http://blog.dave.cridland.net/?p=17 gives some details using Polymer, 
which uses the same library.

It's still a work in progress, and still unsuited to end users, but 
I'm at the point where I use it regularly, for keeping track of my 
email over lunchtime, etc, and it would benefit hugely from people:

- Giving me comments.
- Finding bugs.
- Testing it.
- Contributing code.

Please give it a go, repository information is at 
http://trac.dave.cridland.net/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/Polymer770 - and 
feel free to drop me a line by Jabber, email, etc to let me know how 
you get on. I'm also about on #maemo as dwd if you prefer IRC.

Dave Cridland - mailto:dave at cridland.net - xmpp:dwd at jabber.org
  - acap://acap.dave.cridland.net/byowner/user/dwd/bookmarks/
  - http://dave.cridland.net/
Infotrope Polymer - ACAP, IMAP, ESMTP, and Lemonade

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