[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] python osso and icd

From: Luciano Miguel Wolf luciano.wolf at indt.org.br
Date: Tue Jan 9 19:10:59 EET 2007
ext Fabio Forno wrote:
> Hi,
> since i've problems to keep the connection on sending the command with
> dbus-send (see the trhread above), i'm trying with a simple python
> script. I've tried other icd commands and I had no problems, but the
> connect method does not work:
> I don't want to directly use the dbus bindings of python since I've
> found there are few memory leaks that make them unusable for long
> running applications

Hi Fabio,

Right now we are finishing the python2.5 packages for maemo. This will 
take this whole week. At the moment you could report this problem to the 
garage buzilla[1] and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!



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