[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] garage/extras repository for bora?

From: Aaron Levinson alevinsn at aracnet.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 01:13:13 EET 2007
On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Ferenc Szekely wrote:

> Hello,
> On 1/9/07, Levi Bard <taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > When can we expect to have a new garage/extras repository for bora (and
> > > instructions for posting a package to this repository)?  Some of the
> > > applications at the extras mistral repository may not work on bora, and it
> > > would be nice to have a separate repository for applications that are
> > > known to work on bora (or at least are supposed to work on bora).
> >
> > Seconded.  It would also give a good way to branch apps that have to
> > be code-nonidentical for the two releases (e.g. xv vs xsp pixel
> > doubling) without silly package name hacks.
> >
> I wish I know when we can offer extras for receiving your apps for
> bora. Some of us at nokia had an idea to setup a automated build
> system which accepts source uploads only and delivers the binaries for
> all our releases (mistral, scirocco, bora, etc).
> For some reason we need to clarify thousand+1 things (mainly legal)
> before we can offer such service. I had an idea back in December that
> maybe maemo could finally co-operate with OpenEmbedded and see if we
> could get the extras packages from their build system. It should be
> technically possible. I promised to send a mail to Koen and Florian about this
> "trial", but never got there yet. Perhaps this could kick off the
> discussion here, on the maemo dev list.

Well, perhaps we can have a temporary solution for the time being and
discussion on a more permanent solution for the future.  A temporary
solution could probably just entail adding a new directory to the existing
extras repository for bora.  I'm not sure about the upload process and
distinguishing bora packages from mistral packages, but I imagine that
something can be worked out.


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