[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 tinkering

From: Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo enreas at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 01:53:48 EET 2007
Hello, I'm Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo and live in Spain.

I read Monologue's RSS quite often and, last Monday, I read this post from MDK:


I'm a software developer, book writer and book translator:

You can find the web page of Anaya Multimedia here:


My books are here:

Some of them are in Amazon:

I've translated books about CSS, network security and Internet privacy
-- also about PowerPoint and Windows 95.

I've been working during five years -- and counting! -- as IT Manager
for a company where all the software used was previously from
Microsoft. After this years, the main servers of the company are Linux
boxes and we're starting the development of new Web applications based
on LAMP.

My collaborations, up to now, are basically focused on providing
translations into Spanish for those projects that still doesn't have
one. Some examples:

- TortoiseCVS: http://tortoisecvs.org/lang.shtml
- Drupal's captcha:
- Drupal's Node (key)words:
- Drupal's textimage:

The next step would be making some programming contributions to the
open source community. I was thinking about developing something for
the Treo 750v but I rather prefer to get one N800 and contribute to

I also have to present a project in order to finish my Computer
Science studies. Maybe I could present something related with the
N800, that could be quite interesting.

I think that's all. Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Juan Diego Gutiérrez Gallardo

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