[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] garage/extras repository for bora?

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 08:50:07 EET 2007
> > Seconded.  It would also give a good way to branch apps that have to
> > be code-nonidentical for the two releases (e.g. xv vs xsp pixel
> > doubling) without silly package name hacks.
> >

> For some reason we need to clarify thousand+1 things (mainly legal)
> before we can offer such service. I had an idea back in December that
> maybe maemo could finally co-operate with OpenEmbedded and see if we
> could get the extras packages from their build system. It should be
> technically possible. I promised to send a mail to Koen and Florian about this
> "trial", but never got there yet. Perhaps this could kick off the
> discussion here, on the maemo dev list.

I agree. The more maemo can support the developers to
create applications that can work on different devices/configurations
the better.
I would say that maemo is responsible of providing a build system that
supports it's hardware configurations and software restrictions.
So I think maemo should provide an elegant solution/SDK for building apps that
will or run on the different devices or create different apps.The
proposed SDK with 4  targets is really a short term solution as it
already only will support the people who upgraded to the latesed 770
release, perhaps it can be extended with some scripts to automate the
work.I think Levi's idea resembles the  gentoo's portage a lot, where
the n800 branch would have a few more "flags" on.

At first I was thinking that nokia should also provide the service but
more important actually
is to have a system in place where developers are helped in developing
the apps. What would be the implications if it where not maemo who
hosted this service?
If the same build system is used would it be a matter of configuration
to let others (read nokia or other developers) build the binaries for
the different packages so that we have an extras repository with code
of the applictions available?
Would that also work for closed source apps?
Would it be possible for nokia to develop there new "secret sexy" devices?


p.s. I replied to this email yesterday but I used the reply button
from gmail so only Evli go my replied , is this a problem with he
configuration of the mailing list?

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