[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Using the N770/N800 as a remote control.

From: Kate Alhola kate at katix.org
Date: Wed Jan 10 10:03:00 EET 2007
> Did a SIR transmitter make in into the N800? I have a Phillips RC9800i
> remote control and I would like to replace it with my N770 or a N800.
> http://www.hometheatermag.com/accessories/0406philips/
> I've been looking around for a IR transmitter/receiver in the form of
> a USB dongle and can't find one. You need a receiver in addition to
> the transmitter so that you can train the remote codes.
> It only costs a couple of dollars to build a remote compatible IR
> transmit/receiver USB dongle. Adding this capability would be very
> useful given the way I use my N770.

As mentioned already, IR transmitter needs a power. Also it is more
kludge than handy have IR transmitter hanging in 770.

I have planned and even tested to use 770 for remote controlling apliances.
I have used Linksys WRT54GL with openwrt ( http://www.openwrt.org ) as
software platform. The WRT54 works as gateway to the physical interfaces.
It has with Openwrt open Linux environment where you can program anything
you like. It has serial port and few free i/o pins where you could connect
IR transmitter and it costs something 70 Euros. I have experimented this with
controlling electric outlets via Single-wire(tm) connected semiconductor relays.

In this way you can keet your 770/N800 intact without any hack needed to it.
The WRT54 still works also as wlan basestation and you can controll your
things from any room via wlan.


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