[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Developer Device Program Application

From: Jose Antonio Vico Palomino manchegox at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:05:07 EET 2007
Hello, I'm Jose Antonio Vico Palomino, a Consultant and systems engineer
from Madrid, Spain.

It wanted to comprise of the DEveloper Device Program.

I have thought to carry some applications for the new N800 and as well
for the N770 which I have at the moment. It is necessary to me to have
this new device for the tests, but I see that he would be something
expensive to buy it to me to single slug for this. With which a
reduction in the price would help this decision. The community would be
compensated in the end.

I lead an user group of Free Software, Manchegox

I have as well blog in which I once in a while publish some entrances on
the N770.

A greeting!

E-Mail: vico at manchegox.org
Messenger: vicosoft at hotmail.com
GTalk: vicosoft at gmail.com
Jabber: javico at jabber.org
Skype: vicosoft

Blog: http://www.vicosoft.org/blog/

Manchegox - http://www.manchegox.org
Grupo de Usuarios de Castilla-La Mancha de Software Libre

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