[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: gpe-mini-browser for maemo

From: Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 17:17:10 EET 2007
Philippe De Swert wrote:
>>> and well, this is the most usable *free* browser (might after minimo) ...
>> I reviewed the commit you mentioned. It seems to be a compile fix 
>> necessary because nobody has attempted to compile the code for so long 
>> that modern compilers won't build it.
> That is correct. However there were some other fixes too. Some causes for
> crashes and the UserAgent were fixed.

After you made this comment, I thought that I might have misjudged the 
state of the WebCore Gtk+ fork SVN repository so I took a look at the 
previous commits. Apart from a couple of typo fixes, the two most major 
commits since 2004 seem to be "Removed stale plugin code. Did not work." 
and "Disable animations for now. They don't seem to work correctly" -- 
this doesn't compare favourably with the number of features added to 
Apple's WebKit in the same time frame.

When you are removing features because you don't _understand_ why they 
don't work, it's time to stop making brand new packages of the same old 
software and to instead complete and ship the latest release :-)

I hope my patches and Maemo deb package inspire you, and I look forward 
to continuing the work when I get back my 770.

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