[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Help on how to attach a non gtk+/hildon app to D-Bus

From: Tomas tomas at oranginalab.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:33:29 EET 2007

We are trying to write a single C script, not a gtk+/hildon application, to
listen for the connectivity DBUS signals.

We are using the IC API as shown in the "Maemo Connectivity Architecture"
document and we have managed to open and close WLan connections without

Things changed when we tried to attach our script/service to D-BUS so we
could receive signals notifying connection related events.

To do so we have followed the "Maemo 2.1 Tutorial - Integrating applications
to the maemo framework" chapter where it explains how to create a .desktop
file, a .service and how to initialize a GTK+ application with libOSSO
library (calling osso_initialize() method)

We get no error but we do not receive any D-Bus signal.

Is it possible to initialize our C application (non GTK+/Hildon app.) and
attach it to D-Bus with libOSSO library?

Where can we get an exemple on how to write a little C script to listen
D-Bus signals?

Thank you in advance

Tomàs Jiménez

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