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From: Álvaro J. Iradier airadier at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 10 21:42:47 EET 2007
I am quite disappointed too. If 770 software would be fully open
sourced, there would be no problem. But I feel like i've been cheated,
and now I'm trapped with a device with unsupported software (opera,
flash, etc.), and I guess main 770 developers will move to N800
attracted by the 99€ offer.

On 1/10/07, Wolfgang Karall <spiney at spiney.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 19:45 +0100, Christian F.K. Schaller wrote:
> > I think the two devices are rather different and not really competing
> > directly that much against eachother. Also based on Apple's track record
> > I think their openness will be much less than Nokia's in regards to this
> > device. The whole Darwin joke hasn't exactly shown Apple to really give
> > a shit.
> Even though the 'half-open platform' of Apple was mentioned, I think the
> important part was 'which presumably will ship with Apple-provided
> "killer apps," no magic market creation required'. I don't see Apple
> having problems selling their iPhone in the near future.
> And Nokia telling people after ~12 months that their N770 is basically
> not supported any longer is not gonna drive anyone to recommend the
> platform and devices, is it? I, for one, am rather disappointed by this
> whole affair, and I will stop showing the device to people in my Linux
> courses as an example for an open development platform, managed by a
> big, but responsibly acting corporation. Because this somehow doesn't
> feel right any longer (and actually didn't for some time, after too many
> excuses).
> Kind regards,
> WK
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