[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Install development packages

From: Jean-Luc Biord jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Thu Jan 11 07:59:36 EET 2007
I want to port an existing gtk program to the 770. When I launch the 
./configure script, some packages are required and are not present in 
rootstrap (i386 and armel).

My 2 questions :

1. Who to install the needeed packages? On .deb (where is the good 
repository ?) or with tar file sources? Because the repository present 
in rootstrap will not download the packages (the .deb packages are 
downloaded on my PC without scratchbox when I use "apt-get install").

2. Who to download a repository for rootstrap (i386 and armel) to 
install the packages offline (For computers without internet) ?


Jean-Luc Biord

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