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From: Klaasjan Brand klaasjan at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 11 11:39:24 EET 2007
On 1/10/07, Simon Budig <simon at budig.de> wrote:

> I hope that the "general mood" would acknowledge, that the 770 won't
> stop working immediately just because of the fork. It still will do the
> stuff it does now, which is a lot. And I'll bet that the software on the
> 770 will see further improvements, although they won't be as big and as
> great as the stuff that will happen on the N800.

That's what I thought when I heard about the N800. There's nothing stopping
you from using the 770 as shipped, but since the community-contributed
software is one of the key selling points I'd be very disappointed if
software support for the 770 begins to decrease for a device which was -
until last week - sold as the "future of mobile internet". One way of
preventing that would be to make it easy for developers to target both
environments. Also, there are some bugs left in the 770 OS which only Nokia
can fix (like rebooting every 5 minutes when using WPA for wireless). I hope
Nokia will make an effort to clean up the worst 770 problems before
committing exclusively to n800 development.

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