[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OS2006 roadmap

From: Riku Voipio riku.voipio at movial.fi
Date: Thu Jan 11 13:21:12 EET 2007
Dave Neuer wrote:
> The prices are almost the same,
Except the price of the other is with a 24 month lock-in contract. We 
don't know
the real unsubsidized price. We don't even know if the other allows you 
to install
your _own_ applications or any other minor details. Apple certainly has 
something sleek, but we don't know yet for example how well web pages will
render on it's 320 by 480 display.
>> Also based on Apple's track record
>> I think their openness will be much less than Nokia's in regards to this
>> device. The whole Darwin joke hasn't exactly shown Apple to really give
>> a shit.
> You are missing my point. Apple's platform doesn't have to be open,
> because their device will work exactly the way most people want it to
> right out of the box. 
Why shouldn't nokia then do like Apple, create a propiertary platform
and make it work exactly like people want it to, right out of the box?

This theme seems to be recurring here. "Nokia isn't open/free enough,
so I'll rather choose a more propiertary PRODUCT". There is far more
than enough information and code to create your own, 100% Free 
The few needed binary blobs (wlan driver and bt firmware) are already in the
initfs. Yet, what people ask, is new new versions of Opera, flash, etc.
Or that the default Nokia PRODUCT does not come with some component
that is possible to install yourself (such as ogg playback ). I'm having a
hard time of buying the argument of "lack of openness", when real issue
appears to be that product isn't as solid as it could be.

> Nokia was counting on the community to provide
> that level of functionality for them, but won't pay us w/ the only
> thing the open-source community cares about: code and documentation of
> hardware.
Specifics please? What code/documentation are you missing and what would you
create with them? And how are going to do the same things with iPhone?

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